Information about Sports Medicine Colleges

Sports medicine is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various injuries resulting from athletics, exercise, and various sporting activities. Though not all sports medicine specialists are full medical doctors, they are certified and licensed medical professionals. As such, they must undergo years of education and study before they can lawfully practice.

What Sports Medicine Colleges Offer

At sports medicine colleges, students will learn more about the human body and how it operates in the context of exercise and athletic activities. Students will learn the most common injuries that occur during such movements and what can be done to best treat them. Over the course of their education, students will take a number of classes, including:

• Rehabilitation: Restore injured body parts using various techniques such as therapeutic exercise, massage, and more.

• Therapeutic Exercise: Use various exercises to build up strength in weakened bones, muscles, and joints by emphasizing safe, controlled, and sustained movements.

• Anatomy and Physiology: Learn the basics of the human body and how its components interact to produce movement and feats of athleticism.

• Diagnostic Procedures: Identify the root causes of different injuries and ailments using observation and various diagnostic technologies.

• Kinesiology: Discover the principles of human movement by identifying the muscles in use in various types of movement.

• Prevention of Sports Related Injuries: Learn to prevent sports injuries using various techniques such as taping, massage, rest, heat and cold therapy.

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Top Colleges

The best sports medicine colleges build on the foundations of kinesiology, physiology, and medical treatments. Most of these schools allow students to work with the schools’ medical departments or athletic programs. Among the top schools are:

• University of Southern California in Los Angeles

• University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia

• University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan

• University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

• Stanford University in Stanford, California

• Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

• University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida

• University of California in Los Angeles, California

• Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts

Online Colleges

A full degree in sports medicine cannot be adequately completed online, as a number of medical and hands-on science courses are required for a full education. However, there are some online schools that offer online courses that cover the basics and foundational principles of sports medicine.

• The United States Sports Academy

• Virginia Polytechnic Institute

• AT Still University of Health Sciences

How Best to Prepare

To prepare for any career in sports medicine, high school students can do a number of things that will give them the foundational knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their career. In addition to volunteering to work with their schools’ athletic teams and learn from the professionals, students should take the following courses:

• AP and Honors Biology and Chemistry

• Anatomy

• Health

• Physical Education

• Social Studies

• Math including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry

Sports medicine can allow individuals to work with young people as well as some of the most talented athletes in the world. It is still a very competitive field, though, so if individuals want a job with a sports team or university athletic program, they should work hard to earn the best possible education they can.

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